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RULE NO 1 Choose debt schemes for investment needs up to three years. Choose equity scheme for long –term goals that are away by five years or more. RULE NO 2 Always match your investment horizon with the debt fund of your choice. Examples: Choose liquid schemes to park money for a few days or weeks Choose income schemes to park money for three years or more. RULE NO 3 Always look at the long term performance of equity schemes. Avoid sectors that are scorching the chart for a short period. RULE NO 4 Try to match your risk profile with the equity fund of your choice. Example: Opt for a large cap if you are a conservative equity investor. RULE NO 5 Invest in sector schemes only if you know a little bit about the particular sector. Reason: sectors get into cycles; it is important to enter and exit the scheme at the right time. RULE NO 6 Always diversify across schemes to reduce the risk Example: Equity for long term growth Debt for periodic income. RULE NO 7 Always keep track of the schemes you have invested. If their performance suffers for a long period, take a closer look at them. Happy Investing Praveen Goel @ Invest Buddy www.praveengoel.co.in www.investbuddy.co.in

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