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1) Never give CASH to any of our representatives. We DO NOT deal in cash.
2) Always issue A/c Payee cheques favouring companies with whom we are associated. Cheques favouring individuals are not desired.
3) Always Fill and sign cheques with your Pen. This eliminates transaction risk.
4) In all self-attested Photocopies, always put date and reason for submitting the same along with a signature. This prevents the misuse of photocopies.
5) Before signing of any document, always read the same carefully.

Mutual Funds

1) Invest as per the Risk Profiling
2) Follow Goal Based Approach
3) Mutual Fund Investments are subject to Market Risks, Read All Scheme Related Documents Carefully before investing.
4) Do not completely rely on past returns of Scheme Shared with You as Future Performance may differ and it may vary based on market conditions.
5) In Mutual Funds, it is recommended to stay for long to reap maximum Yield. This is not a short-term Investment. Also,there is a possibility of Principal at Risk. Remember the SIP must run for long term for the power of compounding to truly kick in and make your savings work for you.
6) It is advisable to Check Your Nomination Details if applicable. This is Most Important.

Insurance – Building

1) Read Policy Wordings/ Exclusions /Terms and Conditions of the Policy.
2) Check the benefits mentioned on the Policy as these are Final.
3) Cross Check the Names of Insured / Place of Risk/Sum Assured on the policy.

Car / Vehicle Insurance

1) Check NCB on the Policy. If you have taken NCB benefit and later it is proved that you have claimed damages, the policy will be treated as Null & Void.
2) Check Fuel type on the Policy and Manufacturing Year.
3) Read Terms and Conditions of the Policy.
4) Cross Check Registration Number / Engine Number / Chasis Number / IDV and Car Model / Make on Insurance Policy with R/C
5) At the time of Claim, keep original R/C and Insurance Policy.
6) Understand the concept of Engine Cover / Zero Depreciation AND Consumable Cover fully, than opt for the cover with add-ons.
7) In case of theft, keep BOTH set of Keys as insurance company may ask for the same at the time of claim.
8) In future if you decide to get CNG fitted, inform the Insurance Company immediately.
9) Never drive in drunken state and Driver should have a valid license.
10) Never let your car be used as Taxi as this makes Insurance policy Null and Void.

Health / Life Insurance

1) Always Read Terms and Conditions of the Policy.
2) Always check the benefits mentioned on the Policy as these are Final.
3) Cross Check the Names of Insured / Date of Birth and Nominee on insurance policy.
4) With Policy, You Will also receive the copy of Proposal form. Check all the mentioned details especially the PRE-EXISTING DISEASE and if there is any misrepresentation of facts report immediately.
5) Never ever give false declaration for getting Insurance. This may lead to rejection of claim in future.

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