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Why Us

” Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. WE ensure you get the BEST “

1) We have Skills 

We have the required Educational Requirement. We are a Team of MBA’s and Chartered of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) and CA’s. We have the Experience of Working in Reputed Banks and Financial Industry for more than 20 Years at Senior Positions. We have seen the UPs and DOWN and different cycles of stock market not once, but umpteen number of times.

We are not only Ethical but Updated also. We spend 25% of our time in reading / studying and Learning.

2) We have Good Reputation
For us Right Advice / Integrity and Ethics are of Utmost Importance. We ourselves do not want to comment on anything, please hear yourself from our Existing Clients under Testimonials !

3) We Present A Clear Strategy
We ensure that all our investments clients take a risk tolerance test: a list of questions that will help them decide which products to choose for their portfolio. For example, if 22-year-old Youngster wants to save for retirement, he probably wouldn’t invest the bulk of his cash in liquid , low risk debt fund since he has several decades to grow his money.

After analyzing your risk tolerance score, we present you with a clear strategy for the year, allowing you to set goals that match your comfort level and investment time frame.

4) We Review your portfolio and Educate You through our Blogs and Whats-app

We are never silent as silence is Bad.We check in regularly to notify you of any portfolio shifts, windfalls or (unfortunately) losses. We also ask about any changes in your life that may affect the way you invest. For example, if you recently received a 10 percent pay increase or Bonus we will be the first to trouble you so that you can meet your Goals easily.

5) We Never PUSH You
We always presents you with a range of investments that align with your risk tolerance. This help you in maintaining a well-balanced (and unbiased) portfolio. We will never Push you to buy a particular product but presents a bouquet of Products and Services as per your need.


Worked with Premier banks as Vice President:
• HDFC Bank
• Indus Ind Bank
• Over 18+ years of Rich Banking Experience


Banking Process / Operations and Products
• Home Loans and Loans Against Property
• Managing High Net Worth client for their investments need. Portfolio management in Direct Equities / Mutual Funds
• Risk Covers / Public Provident Fund / Bank- Corporate FDs and National Pension Scheme
• Taxation for Salaried Employees


• MBA in Finance and Marketing - IMT Ghaziabad
• Have completed certification from National Institute of Securities Management
• Chartered of Indian Institute of Bankers ( CAIIB )

If You Need Any Financial Advice ... We Are Available