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You can now enjoy the convenience of hassle free, fast, easy & simplest way of trading in shares on-line.

We facilitate opening of 3-in-1 account

With this unique 3-in-1 account, when you place a buy or a sell trade on your computer the system checks the funds and shares available in your bank and the demat account respectively and executes the trade on the exchange on-line. The bank account and demat account is automatically debited or credited. The trades are also automatically reported to Banks for onward reporting to Reserve Bank of India, as required by FEMA Regulations.

Unique 3-in-1 account


The 3-in-1 account integrates your banking, broking and demat accounts. This enables you to trade in shares without going through the hassles of tracking settlement cycles, writing cheques and Transfer Instructions, chasing your broker for cheques or Transfer Instructions etc.


You can now get the latest quotes of shares on while trading and place an order almost instantly


You would have always wanted to place orders at price of your choice, but may not have been able to do so. With this account you can be assured that you get the control over your trades by placing limit orders of your choice


Instead of transferring monies to a broker’s pool or towards deposits, you can manage your own demat and bank accounts when you trade through this 3 in 1 account.

Tracking & Review

Monitoring your investments is as important as making one. Our portfolio tracker and watch list will keeps you updated on the current status of your investments so that you can make a quick decision on them when required.

Types of Account

The 3-in-1 trading account is a combination of four different types of accounts. The accounts available to you for trading depends on options chosen by you while filling the application form based on type of transactions and the type of funds that you want to use for your investments.

• Demat Accounts can be NRE or NRO
• Savings Account can be NRE or NRO
• Trading Account can be PINS or NON PINS

Hence the types of Account that we provides to NRI clients would be :

• NRE-PINS : This allows for transactions under PINS on Repatriable basis
• NRE-Non-Pins : This allows for transactions under Non-PINS on Repatriable basis
• NRO-PINS : This allows for transactions under PINS on Non-Repatriable basis
• NRO-Non-Pins : This allows for transactions under Non-Pins on Non-Repatriable basis

PINS : For buying and selling shares in Indian Stock Exchanges
Non – PINS : For Selling of Shares bought in IPO or as a Resident and investment into Mutual Funds.

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