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Equity Based Portfolio service

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Equity Advised Portfolios Services help you create and monitor long term stock portfolios that meet your risk profile and your investment objectives.  The recommended portfolios are strategic long only portfolios backed by our research. The portfolios are based on strategic themes, backed by fundamental research and linked to your risk profile. In addition we consider thresholds on earnings quality, moat,sector allocation and liquidity parameters to ensure that the portfolio is optimal. Our portfolios are active portfolios and are best suited for long term goals. As an active portfolio, we regularly monitor individual constituents and make changes where required, although our selection process ensures that the churn is kept at a minimum

Our Equity Advisory Platform

Our Equity Advisory Platform can help you execute, monitor and re balance your Advised Portfolio. The platform looks at any deviation between your portfolio and the advised portfolio so you can take action with ease. The platform also virtually segregates your other holdings so you can continue to invest independently also as well as make deviations based on your own judgement.

What can you expect?

The Equity Advised Portfolio Services (EAPS) are subscription based services. Once you subscribe, we will collect information on your risk profile and investment objectives through our profiler. We will then recommend you a portfolio suitable for you. We regularly monitor the performance of the portfolio, make changes if required and keep you updated. If there are changes to the portfolio we will inform you and help you re balance.

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