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You will do anything for the ones you love.Thinking about why you need life insurance can be an emotional and stressful task. However, life insurance is one of the most responsible decisions you can make to help ensure that your spouse, children or other loved ones can continue to enjoy the quality of the life they deserve. Life is unpredictable.

So it is important to ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of financially in case something should happen to you. This is where life insurance comes in.It can provide some financial peace of mind if the worst were to happen.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance offers a way to replace the loss of income that occurs when someone dies. Life insurance is insurance for you and your family’s peace of mind. With a life insurance policy in place, you can:

  • Provide security to your family
  • Protect your home mortgage, loans, credit card borrowings etc.
  • Provide finance to your loved ones to achieve their goals in your absence
  • Ensure that your family is able to maintain their lifestyle, no matter what happens
  • Take care of your estate planning needs
  • Look at other retirement saving/investment vehicles

What is Term Insurance?

The term insurance plan is the most basic as well as the oldest form of life insurance and provides the payment of a lump sum amount (sum assured) on the death of the policyholder, provided that the death has occurred within the policy term or tenure. In case, the policyholder survives the policy term, his cover will cease and nothing will be paid to him.

So do you need critical illness riders?

Life is unpredictable & Illnesses always come unannounced and affect your physical as well as financial well-being. Not only will you have to take care of the hefty hospital’s bills. Besides this, chances of skipping work or, in the worst case scenario, being asked to quit your job will increase your anxieties as well. Such consequences definitely impact your income flow and ability to cope with the huge medical bills.  The critical illness rider has been created with the goal to protect yourself and your family when it comes to dealing with huge medical bills. With this rider, the term insurance policyholders get a lump sum amount on the diagnosis of any one of the below mentioned below:

•36 Critical Illnesses that Covers by Term Insurance

•Alzheimer’s Disease
•Aorta Graft Surgery
•Apallic Syndrome
•Aplastic Anaemia
•Benign Brain Tumour
•Brain Surgery
•CABG (Coronary artery bypass graft)
•Chronic Lung Disease
•Chronic Liver Disease
•Heart Valve Surgery
•Loss of Independent Existence
•Loss of Limbs
•Loss of Speech
•Kidney Failure (End Stage Renal Failure)
•Major Burns
•Major Head Trauma
•Major Organ/ Bone Marrow Transplant
•Medullary Cystic Disease
•Motor Neurone Disease with permanent symptoms
•Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms
•Muscular Dystrophy
•Myocardial Infarction (First Heart Attack)
•Coronary artery by-pass grafts (with surgery to divide the breastbone)
•Parkinson’s Disease
•Permanent Paralysis of limbs
•Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
•Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms
•Systematic lupus Eryth. w. Renal Involvement
•Total Blindness



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